Vanilla was among seven chimpanzees to be rehomed to Save the Chimps from the Wildlife Waystation.
Video of her going out onto the island for the first time went viral, bringing global awareness about chimpanzees in captivity.
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Jordan and Grace

Jordan and Grace were rescued from the Coulston Foundation, a medical research laboratory in New Mexico.
They are members of Ron’s family and enjoy spending time with the youngsters of the group.

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Allie arrived to Save the Chimps in 2017 after living the first 18 years of her life as a family pet.
At first she had a tough time relating to the other chimpanzees but over time grew strong bonds with the other members of the group.

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Emily the 2nd

Emily the 2nd was rescued from the Coulston Foundation in 2002.
She is sassy and fun and enjoys romping around her family’s 3-acre island home.

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Vicky and Gabe

Vicky was rescued from the pet trade and immediately bonded with young Gabe. We call her Gabe’s adopted Grandma!

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Pamela is a feisty female in Tanya’s family. She was just three when she was rescued from medical research in 2002 so has been fortunate to live most of her life in sanctuary.

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Christopher is a member of Kiley’s family. He enjoys grooming with his family and especially loves to groom their feet!

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Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie spent her early years in the entertainment industry, being rented out for events by an Elvis impersonator. She loves spending time with Jaybee and due to her upbringing around humans, especially enjoys items like books, stickers, and toys.

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Timmy is a member of our Special Needs play yards and enjoys spending time with Cheetah and Tuffy.

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Yolanda is one of our oldest residents. She was born in the wild so her exact birthday is not known but she’s estimated to be 54!

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Lisa the 1st is a member of Rufus’ family and Yolanda is one of her best friends. Like Yolanda, she is also estimated to be 54.

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Gail and Janice

Gail and Janice were rescued from the Coulston Foundation and are members of Ron’s family. They enjoy spending time with their family on the island. Janice is especially bonded with Marlon and Dylan, who she’s seen grow up from just infants.

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