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Rescued From

Born in Sanctuary

About Me

I was born July 20, 2005 at Save the Chimps to my mother Gabby and father Carlos. I was a “whoopsie-baby,” born as a result of a failed vasectomy. Gabby had not exhibited any signs of pregnancy, and surprised everyone that July morning with a baby!

Gabby has been an exceptional mother to me, and I have grown up knowing her love and the love of my extended chimpanzee family—which includes my siblings Worthy, Capone, and Daveeta, and my adopted grandmother, Vicky. I enjoy romping around the island, and am often found swinging from the palm and oak trees. Now that I am a teenager, I have begun to learn the ropes of chimp social behavior and hierarchy. I like to show off by displaying as often as I can, and have even been caught by my caregivers practicing my display on the back of the island when no other chimps are around. With powerful and respected family members Gabby, Carlos, Worthy, and Capone, are high ranking, so leadership, is simply in my blood ( it’s no wonder I want the practice!). Though I am growing up fast, I’m still a very silly guy and love to play and cause a ruckus. I enjoy frolicking across my island every day!


  • Tanya

Favorite Things

  • Hammocks
  • My Family
  • Boxes
  • Parties
  • Toys


  • Playful
  • Mischievous
  • Energetic

My Videos

Vicky & Gabe playing