Hello, my name is
Lisa Marie





Rescued From


About Me

I am a petite and delicate chimp. I was taken from my mother at a young age to work in entertainment in Chicago. I was eight years old when Save the Chimps took me into their care and I went on an 18-hour trip to Florida. I was rambunctious on the long ride to Florida, throwing my toys and jumping around my cage. Once the sun went down, I settled into a nest of blankets and slept for the rest of the journey.

Once I arrived there were a lot of people to greet me, they were welcoming me and telling me how beautiful I am. I was very brave on my first day in Florida. I was not afraid of the big chimps in the play yards next to mine. I quickly explored my play yard, climbed to the top, and took a nap in the sun. It felt wonderful.

After my health check-ups, I moved to a building they call “Kiley’s building”. There are 19 chimpanzees in that building and at first, I was scared of the loud noise and commotion. Soon, they settled down and I began interacting with them through the safety of the mesh. It was time for me to meet Kiley. They opened the doors between us and I discovered that she is sweet and friendly just like me. Kiley and I played, laughed, and groomed. Next, I met Jaybee and Ariel. We immediately built strong bonds of friendship. I’m happy living with other chimpanzees and love spending my days playing and grooming with a large chimpanzee family.

We have discovered that Lisa Marie loves tutus so we sometimes leave them out for her to play with if she chooses. She loves them so much that she will put them on, and keep them on even when she tries to stir up trouble in the group. It is quite a sight to see petite Lisa Marie displaying, hooting, and teasing other chimps all while wearing a brightly colored tutu! She also loves drawing with crayons and playing with stickers, which she will put all over herself when we give them to her.


  • Kiley

Favorite Things

  • Stuffed Animals
  • Plastic Toys, especially Keys
  • Jam
  • Soft, extra fluffy fleece blankets


  • Sweet
  • Feisty
  • Friendly
  • Rambunctious

My Videos

Lisa Marie Welcomed by Kiley's Family