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I was born to my parents Mandy and Rufus on February 6, 1990, in the Coulston Foundation. Mandy was described as a good mother. Despite this, I was removed from her three days after birth and sent to the nursery to be raised by human caregivers. Unfortunately, health issues were typical in infants raised in the nursery and I was no exception. Less than two weeks after being admitted into the nursery, I started my first dose of antibiotics for a fever. This was followed by stomach issues which also required treatment. Despite being sick and on medication, at three weeks old, I was placed on an x-ray measuring study which required being anesthetized on a regular basis. At two years old I was placed on two more consecutive studies which required frequent throat cultures and blood draws. Each procedure required me to receive a dose of Ketamine so I could be safely handled. Eventually, I was put in a group of girls my age and became friendly with another little chimp named Lisa. After Save the Chimps took over the Coulston Foundation in 2002, they started making their own observations and notations about the chimps. One thing my new caregivers noticed was that I tended to sleep more than other chimps and could be difficult to wake up. Upon further investigation, it was determined I was having a type of seizure. I was put on medication to help control them and carefully monitored by veterinary staff and my caregivers. 

My other members of my family and I migrated to Florida in March 2007. This group was then introduced to other chimpanzees already living in Florida and eventually became known as Lou’s family. This new approach to life is a nice change of pace for me. Chimpanzees are very social and frequently celebrate together when exciting things are happening. The focus of a sanctuary is helping each chimp become the most fulfilled version of themselves. While I may have been misunderstood in the past, Save the Chimps has enjoyed getting to know me and providing me with the tools and resources I need to grow and live life on my terms in the future.


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Favorite Things

  • Painting
  • Blankets
  • Lisa


  • Reserved
  • Cautious
  • Composed