Dr. Carole Noon
“Chimpanzees, they are amazing people.”

Five years ago today, Save the Chimps’ founder, Dr. Carole Noon, passed away of pancreatic cancer at her home here at Save the Chimps. At the exact moment of her passing, the Air Force Group—the first chimps rescued by Dr. Noon—let out a loud chorus of hoots and cries. The first person to greet them when they arrived at Save the Chimps was gone, and they were the last to bid their farewells as she slipped away.

Save the Chimps endures, carrying on Dr. Noon’s dream and legacy. Those who knew Carole, as well as those who never met her, share in her passion and commitment to the chimpanzees she so adored. Thanks to the incredible support and hard work of our staff, volunteers, and supporters, over the past five years Save the Chimps has:

•    Completed the Great Chimpanzee Migration, moving the former Coulston Foundation chimpanzees from New Mexico to Florida.

•    Rescued an additional 17 chimpanzees who had been used in research, entertainment, and the pet trade.

•    Worked with other sanctuaries and animal protection groups to prepare for the retirement of other chimpanzees in need.

•    Gained accreditation by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS).

•    Continued to provide loving care in a secure, enriched environment to over 250 chimpanzees, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Dr. Carole Noon was such a presence in our lives, and in the lives of the chimps. Her strength, her humor, and her exacting standards made an impression on all who knew her. In order to capture in some small way the personality and passion of this incredible woman, Save the Chimps this year released Opening Doors: Carole Noon and her Dream to Save the Chimps, by Gary Ferguson. The book tells the story of the chimpanzees who endured so much hardship at the hands of humans, and Dr. Noon’s determination to try to make it up to them. It’s a book that will move you to tears and it is a book that will make you smile—just like Dr. Noon often did.

Everyone at Save the Chimps sends our heartfelt thanks to our supporters who have made it possible to continue Dr. Noon’s vision. There is truly no better way to honor her memory.

Enjoy this Video Tribute to Dr. Carole Noon.

For those of you who did not have the pleasure of meeting Dr. Noon, we hope this video gives you some idea of the remarkable woman she was—a woman who truly defies description and definition. If you knew Dr. Noon, we hope you find that this video captures a bit of her essence and personality, and brings back fond memories of her.

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