Take our new personality quiz to find out which Save the Chimps alpha is most similar to your dad! Is he…. charming like Connor? Ambitious like Leo? Does he enjoy admiring himself in the mirror, like Luke and Zeus? Take our short five-question quiz to see who he has the most in common with!
Adopt an Alpha for Dad!

Honor your dad, or any alpha in your life, this Father’s Day with a symbolic adoption of one of the alphas at Save the Chimps. You will receive a customized digital adoption certificate, a digital bio of the resident you choose, and be subscribed to our monthly e-newsletter Pant-hoots to Parents. You can opt to send the bio and certificate directly to the recipient. You can also let dad choose who to adopt with an adopt-a-chimp digital gift card!


The Ronald J. Woods Charitable Trust is generously matching all gifts through June 30th, so your adoption gift will go twice as far in providing care to our chimpanzee residents.

Dwight is alpha of Late’s family and uses his intelligence rather than brute strength to keep his family calm and harmonious.


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Connor the 2nd is alpha of Ron’s family. He was a former pet who had to learn how to live with a large group of chimps, but as he grew, so did his rank in his family.


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Elway is alpha of Alice’s family. He was just three years old when he was rescued from biomedical research. He is clever, mischievous, and silly.


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Luke is a strapping chimpanzee in the prime of his life who has proven to be a wonderful leader to Kiley’s family. His favorite activity is admiring himself in mirrors.


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Chaka is alpha of Lou’s family and enjoys spending time with his best friend, Arthur. He loves peaches and romaine lettuce.


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Leo, alpha of Rufus’s family, is the youngest alpha at Save the Chimps. Having been born at the sanctuary, he has only known love and safety, giving him a confident approach to life.

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JB was an accidental birth at Save the Chimps. He is the spitting image of his father, Garfield, and followed in his footsteps becoming the alpha of Doug’s family.


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Zeus is the handsome leader of Tapioca’s family. He likes to sit back and watch the action around him in a reserved and stoic manner.

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Worthy is alpha of Tanya’s family. He is a firm but fair leader when dealing with situations in his group and is highly respected.


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Jude the 1st used to have a shy personality but now has many friends and is even alpha of Freddy’s family.


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Logan is alpha of Seve’s family. He enjoys spending his days running around the island with his best friend, Kioki.


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All gifts through June 30th are matched so your adoption gift will go twice as far in providing care to our residents. Thank you for your support. Adopt a chimp >>