As a supporter of Save the Chimps, you have given an incredible gift to our resident chimpanzees.

Thanks to you they have fresh air, healthy food, companionship and fun. We see the impact of your generosity each time we do a new introduction of a chimp to a family, or provide their daily enrichment.

We see it in the way they embrace each other, in the peace and security they have here on their island home.

The biggest gift you have given them, however, is time. Because healing takes time. Make another gift today, if you can, to provide more healing, care and dignity for all the chimps.

You gave generously during our match two years ago, and now you have another wonderful opportunity to have your gift doubled!

After 21 years in a research facility, living in a suspended cage, it took Cayenne 17 years at Save the Chimps before she felt secure enough to explore her island. Now look at her go!

Tarzan spent several years alone after his best friend died. But today at Save the Chimps he has a new family that has embraced him and laughs and plays with him daily.

JR has both physical and emotional issues that go back to the years he spent in a small zoo. Now he has all the space he needs to explore, including a new Primadome climbing structure where he can spend quiet afternoons with the best panoramic views in the sanctuary while swinging on a custom-made hammock.

Thanks to you, we are caring for the chimps every day, helping them heal with specialized care and our expert behavioral staff that meets the chimps based on where they are and what they need.

And every month we are adding something new as well, including new climbing structures, revamped play yards, a new on-site veterinary procedure room, and new opportunities for enrichment.

Your support gives these beautiful creatures the time they need to heal, to enjoy life, and to build the bonds of friendship and family they deserve. For that we say thank you.

Today, we also urge you to consider an additional gift during our Board Match challenge. From now until August 14th, your gift will be matched and doubled for twice the impact.

Please consider investing in the healing power of time to give the chimps a better today and an even brighter tomorrow. Thank you for all you’ve done and are doing for our resident chimpanzees.