On November 17, 2010, Save the Chimps was honored with a visit from Dr. Theo Capaldo and Dr. Jarrod Bailey of the New England Antivivisection Society (NEAVS) and Gloria Grow, founder and director of the Fauna Foundation.  NEAVS’ efforts on behalf of chimpanzees in research is known as Project R&R, and part of that effort is to investigate whether biomedical research on chimpanzees is actually an effective way to make advancements in human medicine.  Dr. Bailey, a geneticist, has published peer-reviewed scientific papers which reveal that research on our closest relatives has little to no impact on human medical advances.  Dr. Bailey gave an educational presentation to our staff on how chimps are used in biomedical research, and his findings about the lack of scientific and medical advancement that has come out of that research.  The entire staff was incredibly enthusiastic about the presentation, commenting afterwards about how much they enjoyed learning more about this often complicated topic.

Save the Chimps was surprised and honored when Dr. Capaldo presented STC with the
Brown Dog Humane Achievement Award in memory of our late founder, Dr. Carole Noon.  The Brown Dog symbolizes the plight of all animals in laboratories, and was presented to STC for outstanding leadership in the animal advocacy movement.  Executive Director Phil Flynn, Sanctuary Director Jen Feuerstein, and Sanctuary Dog Ester accepted the award on behalf of Save the Chimps and Dr. Noon.

Save the Chimps is grateful to NEAVS, Project R&R, and the Fauna Foundation for their support of Save the Chimps, and their tireless work on behalf of chimpanzees in laboratories.


“Chimpanzees, they are amazing people”

– Dr. Carole Noon
Founder (1949-2009)