URGENT: Rescue of Seven Chimps in Progress

We are happy to announce that the rescue of seven chimpanzees, now known as the Sunrise Seven, to their new home at Save the Chimps is underway! These seven chimpanzees, from the former Wildlife Waystation in California, have histories in biomedical research and entertainment.

They will be transported to their new permanent home at Save the Chimps, where they will receive individualized medical care, nutritious meals, engaging enrichment, and the space and freedom to choose how they would like to spend their days.

The Wildlife Waystation closed its doors unexpectedly in 2018 leaving nearly 480 animals in need of homes, including 42 chimpanzees. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife stepped in to oversee the animals and the rehoming efforts. Almost all of the wildlife were quickly rehomed, except for the chimpanzees, which posed a more challenging and complex effort. With the help of the emergency fundraising campaign, Chimps in Need, led by NAPSA, 23 chimpanzees have been rehomed at accredited facilities across the country, one sadly passed away of natural causes, and placement has been confirmed for the final eighteen.

“We have the moral responsibility to protect these individuals who have endured incredible hardship in their lives,” said Ana Paula Tavares, Save the Chimps’ CEO. “These magnificent beings deserve to be at a place where they can thrive as chimpanzees. At Save the Chimps, they will have access to spacious and natural habitats and will enjoy freedom of choice and exemplary care.”

Cayleb of the Dynamic Duo

The chimpanzees coming to Save the Chimps include a family of five known as Magic’s Family and a pair of males known as the Dynamic Duo. At the age of 17, Magic is the youngest member of the group, an accidental birth at the Waystation to parents Ernesta (27) and Jeff (46). We look forward to sharing their rescue and personal stories with you as they leave the sunsets of California behind for the sunrises of our Florida sanctuary.

We have made a lifelong commitment to care for these chimpanzees. The annual cost to care for one chimpanzee is $25,000 and they often live into their 40s or 50s, making this a commitment to providing up to three to four decades of exemplary care for these seven chimpanzees.