Remembering Dorothy
1998 – 2012


It is with a heavy heart that Save the Chimps shares the news that our sweet, beloved Dorothy has passed away following a brief but serious illness.

Dorothy was born to her mother Olivia and father Doug on the first day of spring in 1998 at The Coulston Foundation in Alamogordo, NM.  Coulston loaned Dorothy to another laboratory when she was very young.  After Save the Chimps took over The Coulston Foundation we were able to secure her return.  Dorothy joined Seve’s family and made the journey to Florida on her 13th birthday.

Here in Florida Dorothy was able, for the first time, to walk on grass, sit under a tree, and wander the hills of her new island home with her friends Kira and Alora.

Dorothy & family Apr 2012

Dorothy was a beautiful chimp with a kind heart, and the entire Save the Chimps family is devastated by her loss.  She was taken from us far too soon, but we take comfort in knowing that she spent the last years of her life in comfort and happiness.

It is your compassion and dedicated support that made this possible. 

We invite you to share in our memories of Dorothy —including her first steps outdoors—

in this video tribute.


We love you, Dorothy, and hope to meet you again, somewhere over the rainbow.

Rest in peace.

rainbow 2
 Thank you for being a part of our chimp family and supporting Save the Chimps.