Waiting until the last minute can sometimes be a mistake. But this time, it all worked out for you!

Today is the last day of our Board Match Challenge—your last chance to give—and now until midnight tonight your generous gift to Save the Chimps can be quadrupled!

Please take advantage of this last chance 4X match now. It all ends at midnight tonight … and the chimps need you!

I’m talking about chimpanzees like Yvette. Just imagine the stories she could share from her long, sometimes difficult, but ultimately triumphant life…

Yvette was born in Africa. It’s likely she experienced great trauma at being forcibly separated from her chimpanzee family. And her story was just beginning …

Over the course of years, she gave birth multiple times and was usually separated from her children. She was kept in two laboratories. She was used for both breeding and experimentation.

Thank goodness, she ended up here at Save the Chimps and she now has a rich and rewarding life surrounded by a family who loves her.

She spent happy years with her best friend Mandy, and since Mandy’s death, her family has comforted her, cared for her, and looked up to her as a respected matriarch and a calming presence on her island.

Please have your gift quadrupled today to provide lifetime care to Yvette and all the chimpanzees at Save the Chimps.

Yvette has a beautiful soul. We all consider it a privilege to know her and care for her. And we’re all grateful that the chimps have YOU as a friend and supporter.

As we reach the final hours of our Board Match Challenge, we still need to raise funds to reach our goal and to provide not only food and enrichment, but also the specialized medical care that older chimps like Yvette need. We rely on your generosity to do all this. Please help.

Thank you for your support!