With only five days left to the year, I wanted to take just a moment and wish you the very best of the holiday season.

This is a time for family, and that’s the same whether you’re a human or a chimp. The chimpanzees at Save the Chimps are spending the holiday and year-end season in their family groups, keeping each other company in companionship and love.

It’s also the perfect time for giving. As a member of the Save the Chimps family, I’m so grateful for all the generosity you’ve shown.

And I wanted to let you know that, in these final days of the year, we’ve created a special year-end campaign to raise $25,000 before midnight on December 31.

Please make a year-end gift now to help give the chimpanzees at Save the Chimps a happy new year, and a healthy, happy start to 2020.

Wherever you’ll be spending the final days of the year, I hope you spend them in safety and comfort. If you can’t be around the ones you love, call them and let them know you’re thinking of them.

Save the Chimps is a place where nearly 240 retired chimpanzees spend their days and nights in safety, comfort and dignity, thanks to caring people like you. Your gifts make everything we do possible, and I’m so very grateful.

Can you please make one more contribution this year? By giving now, you’ll help us reach our $25,000 goal, and you’ll help ensure all the chimps here have the food, care, enrichment and support they need as they live out their lives in this very special place.

With warm wishes to you and yours.