Mother’s Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.
What better way to celebrate Mom than with a gift that she will love?

Surprise your mom with a special gift that also supports the chimpanzees in our care.

Gift Adoption
Symbolically adopt one of the loving moms that live at Save the Chimps.

April Jennifer
April Jennifer
A wise, motherly, outdoorsy chimpanzee. April, a former pet, is a loving and patient adoptive mom to Melody. A serene, gentle, and devoted chimpanzee. Jennifer, one of the original 21 Air Force chimps, had 13 babies in seventeen years.


Donate in Her Honor

Donate in your mom’s honor and receive this beautiful certificate featuring Henrietta. Henrietta was one of the first chimps to capture the attention (and heart) of late founder Dr. Carole Noon when Save the Chimps took over The Coulston Foundation. Born in the wild, Henrietta was tragically separated from her mother at a very young age to be sold into a life of research, forced to live in a small concrete box within a laboratory. Henrietta lived nearly four decades in the laboratory setting and never had any children of her own. Yet in spite of her past and having no children of her own, Henrietta truly displays her natural mothering instincts by carrying a baby-doll with her everywhere she goes. She is never separated from her doll. She frequently tries to nurse it, and even grooms and kisses it. Watching Henrietta’s sweet nature and love for her baby-doll has warmed the hearts of all who know her.


Shop for Mom
Choose from t-shirts, note cards, signed portrait prints of our beloved residents, and more!

T-shirts for chimp lovers in a variety of styles – this one featuring our beloved Lisa Marie on the back. Beautiful collection of notecards each featuring one of the amazing residents and their artwork.
Signed portrait prints of our chimpanzee residents.



The relationship between a mother chimp and her child is the most important of all chimpanzee relationships. Like human infants, newborn chimpanzees are entirely dependent on their mothers for warmth, protection, transportation, and nourishment. In their natural habitat, chimpanzees nurse for 5 years. During this time, mothers teach them what to eat, what to avoid, and how to interact socially. Even after a male chimp reaches adulthood, he will often return to his mother for comfort or emotional support.