Imagine having more than 200 mouths to feed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! That is just what Chef Joshua and our kitchen staff do 365 days a year. The chimps’ diets primarily consist of fresh vegetables, leafy greens, and fruit. To keep things interesting, Chef Joshua also creates healthy recipes that the chimps love!

Pero Family Farms visited the sanctuary to speak with Chef Joshua about our residents’ nutrition program. Pero Family Farms generously donates cucumbers, baby carrots, mini-sweet peppers, and green beans to our residents weekly! They also donate broccoli stalks which serve as browse. You can help donate toward the remaining fruits and vegetables the chimps go through in a week by visiting our wishlist store.

*Feeding schedules have changed since this video was filmed, but our residents still receive three meals daily of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Your donation of foods the chimps love directly benefits their health and well-being. We appreciate your support. 

Pop Quiz!

What does Chef Joshua say is the chimps’ favorite food!? You can send their favorite food from our wishlist store!