Téa was born on February 12, 2000, at the Coulston Foundation, a medical laboratory in New Mexico. She was purchased by a family on behalf of a Hollywood animal trainer and lived part-time with the family and part-time with the trainer. After learning more about the perils of chimpanzees in entertainment, the family decided it would be in her best interests to be sent to Save the Chimps.

Téa arrived at Save the Chimps in 2004. She is a high-ranking member of Freddy’s family and has many chimp friends and family members to play with. She loves exploring her sunny island home and is often found wrapped in blankets or hanging out in the hammocks. She can choose how to spend her days, and that’s what sanctuary life is all about.

Téa has never received an adoption. Be among the first to support her with a symbolic adoption. You, or the recipient you choose, will receive a custom certificate and biography via email.