This Giving Tuesday, we would like to introduce you to our youngest and oldest residents as we fundraise for the decades of individualized care we commit to when rescuing chimpanzees. At 12, our youngest chimp, Cash, was among four chimpanzees rescued earlier this year.

Please give now to help us reach our goal!

Cash, April, Ana, and Lucy arrived from a small unaccredited zoo in Ohio after the US Department of Agriculture granted Save the Chimps custody. In Ohio, Cash had never been outside; the enclosure was connected to a small outdoor area by way of a black enclosed tunnel to which Cash was too afraid to pass through. Upon arrival to Save the Chimps, the family of four lovingly embraced just after entering their new home, and each ventured out to the attached play yard. It warmed our hearts to see Cash confidently walk through to the play yard, where he explored in the Florida sunshine.

Cash and his friends have embraced sanctuary life as they enjoy meals of fresh produce, daily enrichment, the freedom to choose where to spend their time, and an enriched environment complete with natural vegetation and climbing structures. We plan to integrate them into an island family that is a good fit for their personalities. Once integrated, Cash, Anna, April, and Lucy will have the opportunity to play, laugh, eat, and groom with their new friends on an expansive 3-acre island, with the freedom of movement and choice that they need and deserve.

Your donation will help provide quality care to our beloved chimpanzee residents, including fresh and nutritious meals, exceptional veterinary care, innovative enrichment, and the social companionship necessary for the chimps to live happy and full lives. Donors who contribute $1,000 are honorary members of our Caregiver Society.


On behalf of the more than 220 chimpanzees in our care, thank you for your compassion and generosity.