Chimps need healthcare too

2016 Annual Fund

I recently shared the stories of some of our resident chimpanzees and the way Annual Fund Vet Care callout 2016_2your support touches their lives— by giving them the medical care they need.

If you have already sent your Annual Fund gift, thank you! If you have not, I hope you will consider doing so today.

To remind you of all the good you do with every gift, I have provided links to the profile pages of the three amazing chimpanzees I told you about in my last email:

  • Chrissy, who receives medical care for her epilepsy thanks to caring friends like you.
  • Garrey, who suffers from back pain, but with treatment and support enjoys climbing, playing, and socializing in comfort.
  • Seve, who was so traumatized by his past that he used to hurt himself, but thanks to the care he now receives he is finally free of pain and anxiety.

Their stories are different but they all have some things in common. Many experienced mistreatment before they came to Save the Chimps. They all need individualized medical care for their physical and psychological well-being. Your kindness benefits them on a daily basis.

We are committed to providing the chimps with everything they need for a peaceful and dignified retirement. Your dedication and support help make this possible.

So today, please donate to our 2016 Annual Fund and support the care of our amazing chimpanzees.

With gratitude,

Dr. Jocelyn Bezner 507 Dr. Jocelyn Bezner
Senior Veterinarian

P.S. Please consider making a secure, online donation to help support the more than 250 chimpanzees in our care. Thank you for donating, and for doing all you can to keep Chrissy, Garrey, and Seve happy and healthy for the rest of their lives!


100% of your donation will support the care of chimpanzees.