Peanut Butter Jelly1

Delicious fresh fruits and vegetables are the main source of the chimps’ diet but  like us, the chimps love the occasional peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Jelly is used in a variety of enrichment items which stimulate the chimps’ intelligent minds and promotes their natural behavior of foraging for food.  This month our goal is to collect a 6-month supply of  jelly, that’s 1,100 lb.!


Items can be easily ordered from our Amazon Wishlist which ships directly to us.


We’ve reached our goal for peanut butter! Now we just need more jelly. What a great start!  We still have a way to go but know that with your help we can do it!

On behalf of all the chimps, thank you!

*The chimps have a healthy, varied diet which  is primarily made up of fresh fruits and vegetables.  We also provide the chimps with cooked meals (pasta, rice, oatmeal), monkey chow, and yes, PBJ sandwiches. When we do our monthly “asks”, we ask for items that can be easily shipped and are non-perishable so they can be stored for up to a year.