Thank you for sponsoring a piñata! Whether your piñata was in honor of a loved one or our residents were helping you “break the heart” of an ex, you can be sure that the enriching activity brought joy to our chimpanzee residents!

Be sure to check back throughout the week for photos of the chimps enjoying their piñatas and parties!

Did You Know?

Chimp parties aren’t just for the fun of it! They are one of many enrichment activities our residents receive to keep them active, mentally stimulated, and healthy. In the wild, chimpanzees must navigate a complex physical and social environment in order to survive. Nature has equipped chimpanzees with a big brains and powerful bodies to handle all of the challenges they might encounter. In captivity, however, it can be challenging to provide all that chimpanzees need to keep their minds and bodies active. They may grow bored and develop abnormal behaviors. Enrichment encourages captive chimpanzees to be active and problem solve. It also provides variety, choice, comfort, and fun for the chimpanzees. The result is happier and more active chimpanzees. Learn more on our “Chimp Life” page.

Photos of chimps with piñatas

Other party pics

  • Alice and her new Valentine's stuffed monkey
Photos of the piñatas