Here is Iris, our new resident, being groomed by Abdul and simply enjoying his company during her first introduction to another chimpanzee at Save the Chimps. Iris had spent the past few years alone at a small rural zoo. So you can imagine her excitement and joy when she was introduced to a new companion! She showed interest in other chimps right away, and we introduced her to Abdul only four days after her arrival.

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Of course, there will be many more adjustments and introductions as she becomes used to her new home. New faces, new friends, and best of all, life outdoors!

Thank you for giving us the resources we need to fulfill our mission and to care for our belovedchimpanzee residents. Please consider a donation today as a special welcome for Iris.

Sometimes we rescue chimpanzees who have been used in biomedical research or abused in other ways. Other chimpanzees, like Iris, have been isolated—and for social animals like chimpanzees, that is equally detrimental to their well-being.

Their stories are always different, but one thing remains true. Save the Chimps is a wonderful place for a chimpanzee needing a new home.

Your dedication and loyal support makes our work possible. Thank you.

Iris is doing extremely well, and we are so pleased with her successful transition. We look forward to sharing more updates with you in the weeks ahead. On behalf of Iris and the more than 250 chimpanzees in our care, thank you for supporting our cause.


Molly Polidoroff Molly Polidoroff

Executive Director

P.S. As I mentioned before, a rescue isn’t an end, but a beginning. We’ve made a promise to our chimps to care for them for a lifetime, and for that we need the strong and steady support of our best friends like you. Thank you for donating!