In Loving Memory of Scrappy


It is with a heavy heart that we share with you the passing of Scrappy, a beloved and respected member of Seve’s family.

Born in 1999 at the Coulston Foundation, a biomedical research laboratory, Scrappy was taken from his mother at birth. Fortunately, however, he was never subjected to experimentation. At the age of three and a half, Save the Chimps rescued Scrappy, where he started a new and better life.

Scrappy loved naps, hammocks, and creating large nests. Caregivers noted that Scrappy liked to stand upright while propping up one leg, a pose his father used to strike, though they never met. Those who knew him well would describe Scrappy as serious but amiable and fun to be around. His best friend, Apollo, will certainly miss Scrappy the most. Over the years, Scrappy developed into a leader: mediating disputes and providing support to his family members. One of his most endearing qualities was the happy sounds Scrappy made when he enjoyed his food.

Despite the veterinary staff’s best efforts to save Scrappy, his death appears to be due to complications from an intestinal obstruction.

Scrappy will be remembered for his kind, friendly nature, and is already sorely missed by all of us at Save the Chimps.

Through June 30th all donations are matched. Your gift in memory of Scrappy will have twice the impact in caring for our chimpanzee residents.

Thank you for your support.