Hurricane Season: How We Prepare

As we welcome the beginning of summer, we also prepare for hurricane season, which officially started this week. Nestled on the coastline, we knew the dangers and devastation that could occur when major storms threatened the state. Our Founder, Dr. Carole Noon, made certain the sanctuary could be built in a way that would keep our beloved chimps safe.

The chimpanzee housing is built from concrete and steel, able to withstand large gusting winds. And while our residents normally have the choice of if they’d like to spend their time indoors or on their island habitats, for their safety, they are kept inside if a hurricane approaches. They receive extra nesting material, cozy blankets, and stimulating enrichment to help them pass the time.

Watch as Andrew Halloran, our Director of Chimpanzee Behavior and Care, and Mark Yohannan, our Facilities and Project Manager, discuss how we prepare the sanctuary for major storms.

So far, the sanctuary has weathered several major hurricanes, coming out the other side with minimal damage each time. The chimps don’t seem to mind the storms, to them, it’s just another part of living in Florida!

How You Can Help Us Prepare