My team and I here at Save the Chimps are so excited. As you can see from this progress update, we could be closer than ever to installing video cameras to help us observe the chimps and ensure that they are safe and healthy.

And what’s good for the Sanctuary care team can be good for you, too. That’s because we’ll be placing some of the cameras in areas supporters have never had access to. Which means you’ll truly be seeing the chimpanzees like you’ve never seen them before.

I’m talking about hidden corners and secret spots. Up-close views where you’ll get to watch the everyday activities of our chimpanzees. Even if you’ve been at the Sanctuary for our Member Days or other events, I can promise you’ve NEVER experienced the chimps the way you’ll see them on live video feed.

But first, we need to raise all the funds to get the cameras installed. We’re closer than ever! Please make your gift now.

As you may recall, generous donors provided the first $20,000 for this campaign, and since then 91 supporters have contributed another $8,798.

That means we’re only $11,202 away from achieving our $40,000 goal and having the cameras up and running by later this year. Have you made your donation yet?

Please give now to help bring live video to the Sanctuary!

In Gratitude,

Molly Polidoroff
Executive Director

P.S. You’re going to love watching live video feed of the chimps as they play, groom, exercise and do stimulating enrichment activities. And my team and I will benefit by being able to observe and monitor the chimpanzees more closely. The sooner we raise the funds, the sooner we’ll be able to install the cameras and notify you about the first broadcast, so please contribute now.