With so many of us sheltered in place we are facing circumstances we never envisioned. It leaves many of us without the comfort of our daily schedules and ritual ways of interacting with the world, it robs us of our normal ways to connect. That feeling of comfort, community, connection, has never been more tangible then when it has been threatened.

And never before have we been closer to experiencing what it might have been like for our closest cousins, chimpanzees in captivity. 92% of our residents spent over two decades as subjects of biomedical research. Isolated in cages without the comfort of each other, of ways to connect, and yet they found ways to endure. There is no more amazing sight than to see a group of chimpanzees who have a whole island to explore sitting next to each other, grooming, offering comfort.

With everyone worried about what the future holds, we at the sanctuary have taken extra precautions to preserve the open and free way of life our chimpanzees have come to know. But we too are worried, about the costs of supplies and like everyone, about the delivery of essential daily needs.

As we launch our annual board match today, your gift today can help us to ensure a hopeful — and safe– future for our resident chimpanzees by donating – and thanks to our generous Board of Directors, EVERY gift you make will be doubled!

We know many of you are facing hard, uncertain times, which we all hope will be alleviated by summer. For those who want to participate in the board match, but can’t because of your current circumstances, we’ve created a pledge page where you can sign up for what you feel comfortable giving and the payment will be delayed until World Chimpanzee Day on July 14th. That will give you the time you need to recover and you can still show your unending support for our wonderful sanctuary — and your gift will still be still be matched!

Help us prepare for the unknown and continue to give our beloved residents the retirement they deserve by giving today. Only gifts made by May 15th will be matched, and this campaign starts today, right now, with you. Won’t you please give now?

Double your Gift. Double the Difference!