Save the Chimps would like to thank everyone who has donated towards our Generator Fund Challenge.

We are very grateful for everyone’s generosity and support but we still need your help!

The total cost to get the generator for our Water Treatment Plant up and running is $24,000.

We have been fortunate enough to receive a generous matching pledge from a donor of $12,000 but we must raise the initial $12,000 – we’re not there yet!

With its installation, we’ll be prepared for hurricane season. The demands of caring for our chimpanzees involves daily cleaning as well as the necessity of being able to provide them with fresh drinking water daily.

Imagine if Save the Chimps was unable to provide water to its chimps because of an extended power outage!

Help us reach this goal so that we can continue to provide the best quality of care to our chimpanzees regardless of any storm that Mother Nature sends our way!

With everyone’s support we are optimistic that we will meet our goal and begin installation at the end of July.

On behalf of everyone at Save the Chimps, chimps especially, we thank you for your compassion, loyalty and support.

*When making your donation, please indicate that the funds are designated specifically for the installation of the generator. 

Thank you!