For Love Of All Things (FLOAT) is very excited to have partnered with Save the Chimps
for the week of April 29th!

FLOAT is a Denver-based organization aimed at creating funding for the world’s best environmentally and animal-based non-profits.  Needless to say, Save the Chimps is high on our list!

FLOAT partners with a new organization each week and designs a limited edition t-shirt that’s representative of a cause within that organization.  The shirts are sold through our website at www.float.org for one week only and for each item sold FLOAT donates $8 to that week’s charity.  Once the week is up, the shirt is gone we donate whatever dollar amount the ‘ticker’ at the top of our site says.  Simple as that!


This week for Save the Chimps we’ve designed the
Swing Free & Prosper Tee
to represent the life of freedom that Save the Chimps gives back to these much-deserving animals.

Loyal Save the Chimps followers can use discount code: chimp at checkout to get 10% off your order!


All of us at FLOAT have been following Save the Chimps and keeping up with the primates at the sanctuary for some time now.  Their efforts are working to protect and preserve the lives of what we believe to be one of the most amazing creatures on earth, so we can’t imagine a better organization support!

So head on over to FLOAT Apparel this week, pick up an eco-friendly tee, ask your friends to do the same and join us in creating awareness and funding for this great cause.  Shop now at www.float.org