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About Me

I was born sometime between 1979-1984. My parents and exact date and place of birth are unknown, but I may have been born in California. I eventually came into the care of an individual who trained chimpanzees for the Ice Capades, although I never performed in the show. In 1995, my trainer moved my chimpanzee friend Simon and me to the Las Vegas Zoo. Simon sadly died not long after his arrival at the zoo, leaving me without a chimpanzee companion. My former trainer remained a part of my life, visiting me several times per week for the next 18 years. Animal advocates had long protested the conditions at the Las Vegas Zoo, particularly my solitary existence. Local activists had asked the zoo owner to move me to a sanctuary where I could live with other chimps. It wasn’t until a crisis situation that the zoo was left with no choice but to allow me to go to a sanctuary.

On September 24, 2013, Save the Chimps received an urgent message from the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance. The Las Vegas Zoo’s staff had quit and the zoo was closing, and I needed to be moved ASAP. Save the Chimps agreed to provide a new home for me. On October 2, I was loaded into a cargo van generously provided by the Primate Rescue Center and for the next 48 hours, I took in the sights of the open road through the window next to my transport cage. I had plenty of blankets to make a cozy nest, and I had my favorite ball as well. On October 4th, I rolled through the Sanctuary gate, met by a welcoming committee of dedicated Sanctuary staff. My new home was decorated with welcome signs, streamers, blankets, and toys. But the most exciting feature was the presence of other chimpanzees. I caught a glimpse of my new neighbor, J.R.; it was the first time in 18 years that I had seen another chimpanzee. It’s due to Save the Chimps’ incredible staff, volunteers, our generous supporters, and the collaboration and cooperation of sanctuaries and animal advocates that I was moved so quickly and safely. It took a village to rescue me and give me a brighter future.

After my arrival in 2013, I made many new friends. I bonded very closely with two females, Indie and Cayenne. Each day we groom, nap, and play together.

I was initially a bit suspicious of my caregivers, but I have since become playful and friendly toward humans. I sometimes become jealous when caregivers pay too much attention to one of my chimpanzee friends and will demand attention! My former trainer, and dear friend, is still a part of my life and visits me.

I have touched the hearts of thousands of people who have followed my story. Sanctuary life has truly transformed me, and now with a large chimpanzee family, I will always have an abundance of companionship, choices, and loving care.


  • Bobby

Favorite Things

  • Oranges
  • Nuts
  • Basketballs, Soccer balls, Bouncy Balls
  • Lady chimps especially Indie and Cayenne


  • Handsome
  • Reserved
  • Curious
  • Attentive

My Videos

Ragan Grooming His Friend Terry

Chimpanzees, Terry & Jeannie Holding Hands

Chimpanzees Terry & Jeannie Cuddling and Kissing