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About Me

I was born at the Coulston Foundation in New Mexico on April 7, 1991 to parents Tanya and Hanzi. The Coulston Foundation was a notorious laboratory with countless Animal Welfare Act violations. I was one of the luckier chimpanzees living there because I was able to stay with my mother for the first eighteen months of my life.  I was also fortunate as I was never assigned to a research study, and was housed with other chimpanzees rather than assigned to a life of solitary confinement.

Save the Chimps rescued all of the chimpanzees at the Coulston Foundation in 2002. I was then introduced into a large family that included Renquist and Mika, whom I had been with since I was a baby. We were transported via a customized trailer to Save the Chimps sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Florida. I enjoyed the road trip and spent most of the time staring out the window watching the world go by.

I am now able to roam freely on a three-acre island with more than 20 other chimpanzees. I am the alpha of my family and enjoy hanging out with my friends Jude, Joey, and Andres. I can be described as a rough-and-tumble guy, but am also sweet and playful with other chimpanzees, though caregivers have to earn my trust before I show them my playful side. I love enrichment, especially fresh coconuts and lemons that are spread across the island to encourage foraging.


  • Freddy

Favorite Things

  • Coconuts
  • Lemons
  • My Island
  • Making Noise


  • Alpha
  • Strong
  • Persistent
  • Intelligent