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About Me

I was born at The Coulston Foundation (TCF) a biomedical research laboratory in Alamogordo, NM to my mother Yvette, and my father Mack. I was able to stay with my mother for some time, but later I was taken from her. Although I was not used in biomedical research, I was anesthetized often for physicals. September 16, 2002, my life changed for the better when I was rescued by Save the Chimps when they took over TCF and gained custody of their 266 chimpanzees.

I am now a part of Lou’s Family where I enjoy fresh food and a beautiful island to explore along with my chimp family. I am a high-ranking female in my family and I know it. I use that position to my advantage with my family and caregivers. When it’s time for dinner, I will sit in the hammock and grunt. This is my way to let the caregivers know I should be fed first. I am grateful that I can spend the rest of my life surrounded by a loving chimpanzee family and enjoying the freedom of our 3-acre island.


  • Lou

Favorite Things

  • Hammocks
  • My BFF Odell
  • Fruit


  • Quiet
  • Confident
  • Bold