Hello, my name is
Connor the 2nd





Rescued From

Pet Trade

About Me

I was born April 26, 2002 to mother Gabby and father Coco at Missouri Primate Foundation, a breeder of chimpanzees for the pet trade. Kramer was born September 17, 2002 at the Missouri Primate Foundation as well, to his mother Tammy. Kramer’s father was also Coco, which makes him my half-brother. We were sold as pets, and grew up together. When we were eight years old, we had an urgent need for a new home, and Save the Chimps welcomed us to their Florida sanctuary.

I am a member of Ron’s family and enjoy life on a beautiful three-acre island, and have learned to live in a large chimpanzee family.


  • Ron

Favorite Things

  • Toys
  • Dried Fruit
  • Nuts


  • Charming
  • Enthusiastic
  • Rambunctious
  • Happy