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I was born July 28, 1989, to my mother Roxie and my father Mack in the Coulston Foundation. Although I was born two weeks premature, there were no complications and I did begin to nurse. Despite this, I was taken from my mother and sent to the nursery to be raised by humans, after which, I caught a fever. Despite being sick, I was assigned to three consecutive research studies, each lasting forty weeks. Instead of the carefree life a baby chimp should have, I was being forced into weekly blood draws and liver biopsies. This adds up to one hundred and twenty sedations over approximately three years for me. 

I was rescued by Save the Chimps in 2002 and they introduced me to other chimps to form a family. My family and I migrated to Florida in April of 2007. These days I enjoy being one of the first to greet all my caregivers with my engaging smile and playful personality. Not only did I get to experience a new home, I was also able to meet more friends when new chimps were added to the group. My family, known as Lou’s group, is celebrated for being lively and a bit rambunctious, but full of love and affection. I have toys to play with, blankets to sleep on, and friends to groom. My days are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, including my favorite apples. Perhaps most importantly, my days are filled with time to do the things I love most.


  • Lou

Favorite Things

  • Blankets
  • Toys
  • Apples


  • Playful
  • Lively
  • Active