Chimp Champ Jennie Shalala-Hartman

Jennie Shalala-Hartman has been with Wal-Mart for 23 years and currently serves as the Operations Manager: Compliance-Safety-Asset Protection for the Wal-Mart Distribution Center (#7038) located in Fort Pierce.

Because of Jennie’s enthusiasm, she has coordinated Wal-Mart employees to donate their time by painting seven chimpanzee buildings (Rufus, Doug, Tanya, Tapioca, Bobby, Freddy & Seve) as well as the Kitchen and Garage. In addition, her co-workers have worked creating countless enrichment devices that stimulate and encourage the chimpanzees’ natural instincts to forage.

Aside from Save the Chimps, Jennie helped support Relay for Life, and a conducted food drive to benefit Harvest Food and Outreach. Jennie also teaches the importance of thinking of others with her daughter Hannah who – on her birthday – asks for donations of food instead of presents!

The first time Jennie visited the Sanctuary she fell immediately in love, and once she learned about the history of some of our resident chimpanzees and their lives prior to being rescued she said, “I knew in my heart that I had to support this fantastic organization.”

We are truly grateful and humbled by Jennie’s support and belief in our mission to provide the chimpanzees with a peaceful and dignified retirement!

Chimpanzee pant-hoot Thank You’s to you, Jennie!

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