Carlos’s Group: Another Successful Migration

During the month of August, Carlos, featured on our home page, and 25 of his friends hit the road – leaving New Mexico and the lab behind forever.

Upon taking over the Coulston Foundation research lab, Save the Chimps discovered Carlos isolated, neglected and living alone deep within the notorious building 300.

Knowing that it would take some time before the islands would be finished in Florida, Save the Chimps renovated the building and slowly and lovingly introduced Carlos and 25 other chimpanzees to each other – these same chimps now make up ‘Carlos’s Group’.

After arriving in Florida, Carlos and the rest of the group were reunited and given a few days to settle in. Then, on August 17th, 2007, the doors were opened and the chimps were released onto their three-acre island in the sun.

For Alison, Carlos, George, Jeb, Linda and Stella, captured as babies in the jungles of Africa, this was the first time that they walked with grass under their feet, or slept without bars over their heads in nearly 40 years.

Today, thanks to you, Carlos and his family spend their days eating fresh fruit, grooming each other and playing (and lazing) in the warm Florida sun.

Carlos and his family of chimpanzees now have a much brighter future at Save the Chimps.