Save the Chimps asks its supporters to boycott the upcoming movie “Wolf of Wall Street” which sadly has a live, trained chimpanzee in the film. Leonardo DiCaprio—himself an advocate of gorilla conservation—sadly did not speak out against the use of a chimpanzee in his latest film. Efforts by animal advocates to educate DiCarpio and director Martin Scorsese and get the scene cut from the film were ignored. Chimpanzee “actors” are all young chimps taken from their mothers, forced to perform unnatural behaviors, and their careers are very brief. Additionally, the use of trained chimpanzees gives the public the false impression that chimpanzees are not endangered in the wild and that they make good pets. Vote with your dollars and send the message to Hollywood that the use of trained chimps in movies will keep people out of the theaters. To learn more and to join the boycott, visit