A celebration of bananas

Banana Lover's Day

Celebrate with the Chimps

August 27th is Banana Lovers Day!

Nowadays, there’s a “day” for everything, so why not “Bananas Lovers Day”… the chimpsMandy don’t mind having a reason to celebrate!

Celebrate this fun day by honoring the chimps you love so much.

Donate $10 today and treat the chimps to a

banana extravaganza…

Whole bananas, peeled bananas, frozen bananas, and an extra special treat on Banana Lovers Day…banana muffins!

Goal:     253 of our amazing supporters donate $10 each

Result:  253 very happy banana-loving chimpanzees

Please donate today. We promise the chimps will be very grateful!


View our newest photo collection “It’s all about bananas” and sponsor a banana extravaganza today!

Happy Banana Lovers Day!

Your Banana-loving Friends at Save the Chimps


Bananas are always a chimp-favorite and are served at nearly every meal. We go through 1,300 bananas a day!

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, which is found in the fruit and in the peel. This important nutrient reduces the risk of stroke, helps to decrease blood pressure (along with magnesium), and helps maintain muscle health. Bananas are also uniquely high in vitamin B6, which is important for immune system function brain, and heart health. They also contain vitamins A, C, and D.

We’ve noticed that chimpanzees that have an upset stomach will often eat the inside of the peel more than the fruit. The peel contains a flavonoid called leucocyanidin that helps protect the stomach from excess acid. The banana peel also provides extra fiber for digestion, insulin that boosts iron absorption, and lots of antioxidants including leutin, which helps protect eye health.