Have you ever wondered what a typical day is like for our chimpanzee residents (and the staff who care for them)?

GabewithName Here’s a sunrise to sunset snapshot of your support at work.
Dawn: Chimpanzee families begin waking up on their island homes. Pant-hoots sound as the chimpanzees bring the sanctuary’s 150 acres to life.


7 am: Veterinary staff prepare medicines for residents who require medications. Medicine is mixed into a favorite flavor of juice.


8 am: It’s breakfast time! The chimps receive a healthy breakfast of favorites like oranges, bananas, and apples. As the chimps eat, the staff clean up the chimps’ islands, often collecting blankets and toys left behind under the trees and climbing platforms. (The chimps love to play with toys and make nests with their blankets.)


topleftcircle9 am: Time for exploration and activity. Enrichment (peanuts, seeds, diced fruits or veggies, and other favorites) is scattered throughout the island to encourage natural foraging behavior. The chimps spend most of the day climbing, exploring, playing and socializing with one another. Meanwhile each “chimp house” is thoroughly cleaned and blankets are laundered.


Noon: Time to eat again! As with breakfast and dinner, lunch includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.


VickywithName1 pm: Some chimps rest. Some explore and play. Afternoons at Save the Chimps are all about freedom.


4 pm: Dinner arrives with an ever-changing menu. For some chimps, Sunday dinner is best of the best —it’s pasta night!


Dusk: As night falls over Save the Chimps, the islands get fairly quiet, except for an occasional pant-hoot from a resident still settling down. The staff on the late shift make sure all is well ChimpsSunset680pxuntil the sun rises again for another day in paradise.

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