Can you imagine serving nearly 900 meals every day?

That’s exactly what we do at Save the Chimps, to ensure each chimpanzee gets the nutrition they need to thrive. Our chimpanzee residents eat three fresh meals every day.

The chimps eat tons of fresh produce! That includes 9,100 bananas in just a week, every week!

It isn’t just bananas that our chimps love. Chimpanzees, like humans, enjoy variety in their meals. They especially enjoy fruits and vegetables such as apples, peppers, and even kale! We provide our chimpanzee residents with an array of healthy foods, giving them the balanced diet they need and love.

Feeding the chimpanzees a balanced and nutritious diet is critical to their health and well-being, and we rely on your generous monthly support to help make this possible.


A one-time extra gift today will help provide the chimps some of their favorite foods.
There are so many foods you can help us buy with your tax-deductible donation – $50 can provide 250 apples or $100 can provide four cases of tomatoes.
Please make an extra gift today, if you can, and continue to bring health and happiness to the chimpanzees at Save the Chimps. Your dedication allows us to fulfill our commitment of providing lifelong care to our more than 250 chimpanzee residents.


On behalf of everyone at Save the Chimps, especially the chimpanzees, thank you.