It’s almost over

April painting

All Things Chimp
Summer Auction
Ends TODAY at 5 p.m. EST*

Today is the last chance to bid on a wide variety oButch paintingf one-of-a-kind items: This year’s Summer Auction closes today at 5 p.m. EST. We hope our supporters are having fun bidding on our collection of exciting items, some created by chimpanzees, others by humans, and even some by both!

Be prepared for Bid Wars for some of the most sought after items!

*Items that are bid on in the last ten minutes of the auction will enter into “Bid Wars” and remain open until the item has not been bid on for ten minutes.

Set your clock for later today and be prepared for Bid Wars for any last minute bidding!

Your participation benefits the more than 250 amazing chimpanzees residing
at Save the Chimps. Thank you for making our work possible!

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Happy Friday! Happy Bidding!