Rebel WLAD 2

April 24 is World Lab Animal Day.

Today we remember animals who are still awaiting retirement from research laboratories. We also honor the chimpanzees in our care who are retired from labs.

In honor of World Lab Animal Day, we would like to introduce you to Rebel, one the chimpanzees Save the Chimps rescued from the Coulston Foundation, a former biomedical research laboratory with extensive Animal Welfare Act violations.

Rebel was born at Coulston in 1990. His mother Minnie never held him – never even saw him. His father, Sampson, never knew he existed. When Rebel was just two-months old, he was used in his first medical study. When he was eleven months old, he was put in a cage and sent off to a lab in Maryland. He lived there for five years, completely alone. Once a week, for all of those years, he had blood drawn and a needle stuck into his liver. If you can imagine how much that would hurt and how scared you would be, that’s pretty much how he must have felt. That was his existence, day in and day out.

When Rebel was six, he was put on a truck and sent back to New Mexico. Since he had only briefly lived with another chimp and that was when he was very young, he was highly distraught when he was put in a cage with other chimps. Because he was so frightened, he was instead placed in an isolated cage – for six years! For a chimpanzee, this is solitary confinement.

Rebel was rescued by Save the Chimps at the age of 12. Today, he savors the joys of sanctuary life. He enjoys nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables daily, soft blankets to nest with every night, and a variety of enrichment activities to keep his mind active. Most importantly, Rebel lives with a family all his own and now enjoys the companionship and comfort of other chimpanzees. Rebel is now living the peaceful and dignified retirement he deserves.

Save the Chimps provides lifelong care to more than 250 chimpanzees and provides them with all they need to thrive and live out their lives in peace. We have also made a commitment to provide sanctuary to more chimpanzees in need. We cannot do this important work without you. We need your help!

Each year on April 24 we honor animals still held in labs. Please donate today to help care for Rebel and others rescued from research facilities.


Our chimpanzee residents need care every single day. We provide 24-hour, nutritious food, the highest quality veterinary care, and an enriched environment. Your generous support helps to provide their permanent retirement and lifelong care.

Please honor World Lab Animal Day by making a gift today to care for Rebel and all his friends and family at Save the Chimps. Thank you! You make the difference for the chimps!