The first World Chimpanze Day is July 14, 2018! World Chimpanzee Day is a celebration of chimpanzees and an opportunity to raise awareness about the vital need for worldwide participation in their care, protection, and conservation in the wild and in captivity.

July 14, 1960 is the day Dr. Jane Goodall first stepped foot in what is now Gombe Stream National Park to study wild chimpanzees. Dr. Goodall called attention to the remarkable chimpanzee and to this day, six decades later, advocates on their behalf.

Join us on Facebook this Saturday at 1:00 p.m. EST for a special live briefing from one of our staff veterinarians here at Save the Chimps.

Dr. Bezner will talk about her role at the sanctuary, tell you more about what it takes to care for nearly 250 chimps, introduce you to a resident chimpanzee, talk about how sanctuary life differs from life in the wild, and much more.

We will also be sharing a video on conservation with Dr. Andrew Halloran, Director of Chimpanzee Care, a video featuring Dr. Debra Durham, Director of Behavior and Research, and a special message from Save the Chimps Executive Director Molly Polidoroff.

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