What would you give to help the chimpanzees at Save the Chimps if you knew you could give them just what they wanted?

Would you give watermelons for Wally? Kale for Kayla?

Or maybe a bowl of sweet, juicy summer peaches … for Pumpkin?

Make a gift from our Wish List now, and you can make it any of those favorites—or select from other popular chimp choices like bananas, corn and sugarcane!

Our Chimp Wish List is a fun and engaging way to give because you’ll know your gift is helping to make the chimps’ world a better place when they get their favorite foods delivered to them by our caring staff.

You’ll also help Save the Chimps cope with the rising costs of daily care—not only food, but also enrichment and medical care, including the special needs of our older chimps.

My wish is that every chimpanzee at Save the Chimps will spend their years in peace, comfort, dignity and happiness. It’s a wish you help make happen with every gift you send.

But I think chimps have wishes of their own. Don’t you? Just like us, they definitely have their favorite foods and activities.

Please help make their wishes come true—and care for their basic needs—by selecting a gift from the Chimp Wish List now. Thank you!