I have exciting news to share. We’ve just doubled our match!

With less than two weeks to go (and to give!) our Board of Directors has increased its year-end commitment. The directors asked me to share that we have an additional $20,000 in matching funds! The Board wants to make sure that as many supporters as possible are able to use the match to make their own year-end gifts.

I want to thank them for their generosity…and thank you in advance for taking the opportunity to have your gift matched and doubled. Please don’t wait! Make your gift to Save the Chimps during our year-end campaign.

Of course, another matching gift means another goal to reach. And this one doesn’t leave us much time …

But if you will make your gift now I believe we can make it.

An extra $20,000 goes a long way. We can use it to pay for food, medical care, enrichment, and other critical needs of the nearly 250 resident chimpanzees here at Save the Chimps.

So we’re counting on you. Grab this chance now and make a tax-deductible year-end gift to Save the Chimps. When you do, your gift will be doubled up to $20,000!

Thank you,

Teresa A. Newmarch
Chief Development Officer