As a true sanctuary with a mission for providing lifelong care to rescued and retired chimpanzees, Save the Chimps does not breed. However, due to failed vasectomies in a few males, we have had some accidental births. While it wasn’t a part of the plan, babies gave these chimpanzees an opportunity they didn’t have in the laboratory, the chance to be mothers, raise their babies, and share a lifelong bond with their offspring. One such mother is Jennifer, who after having thirteen babies while in the laboratory, gave birth to JB at Save the Chimps in 2004. These two have shared a tight bond since birth. JB is now seventeen and the alpha of his family, but that doesn’t stop his mom from keeping an eye on him and they still share adorable play sessions.

As a Mother’s Day special, you can symbolically adopt Jennifer and Jaybee. Your donation will be generously matched by the Ronald J. Woods Charitable Trust, and provide a day of complete care for the pair. You will instantly receive a digital biography, digital photo, and biography delivered to your inbox, making it the perfect last-minute gift.