Many of the chimpanzees in our care endured years of a barren and lonely existence. Save the Chimps is committed to providing the chimpanzees with the best retirement possible. In short, we want them to be happy and enjoy life. One way in which we ensure the chimpanzees well-being is through enrichment. Through June 30th all donations are matched by our generous Board of Directors.

Donate at the bottom of this page and your gift will go twice as far toward the enrichment and care that helps our residents thrive. 

This trough enrichment is placed at the front of our residents’ 3-acre island. The chimps enjoy fishing the goodies out. Turn your sound on and just listen to their excitement.

Raisin boards are boards with holes drilled in them just big enough to stuff raisins and dried cranberries in and then they are frozen. Our residents use different methods of getting the raisins out from tools such as sticks, stems or long finger nails to sucking them out.

In this Virtual Field Trip of Save the Chimps, Director of Chimpanzee Behavior & Care, Dr. Andrew Halloran, explains different forms of enrichment and how it benefits the chimpanzees.

One of Jane Goodall’s groundbreaking discoveries was that chimps make and use tools to “fish” for termites. In the wild, chimps will use sticks to extract termites from their nests. In captivity, this task can be replicated by an artificial termite mound fitted with PVC to “fish” for things like applesauce. The chimps will spend hours working every last drop out of the tubes!

On behalf of the more than 220 chimpanzees in our care, thank you for your compassion and generosity.