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At 51 years old, Yvette is one of our oldest chimpanzees in residence. In her five decades she has seen a lot, including being kidnapped from Africa, being used as a breeder, and subjected to research studies while in captivity. And yet, Yvette has one of the largest, most loving hearts at the Sanctuary.

Very much a matriarch, she soothes those that need comfort, she provides guidance to those who get out of hand, she corrects and offers much needed direction to her loving family at Seve’s. And when she needs comfort, the younger members of the group reach out to her.

This immense reciprocal kindness, this give and take, is something we can all aspire to in a time when we find ourselves confined.

It means the world to know Yvette is in such a wonderful sanctuary home. And it means the world to all of us that YOU support our mission so generously.

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