“There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is Save the Chimps. We are lighting the way for these chimps, for the migrations and for their relocation in big family groups to Florida. And Rufus and Doug and the others are lighting my way.” Save the Chimps Co-Founder, Dr. Carole Noon

Today marks an important anniversary in the history of Save the Chimps. On this day 16-years ago, the Great Chimpanzee Migration began. This unprecedented nine-year effort relocated hundreds of chimpanzees from their former laboratory in New Mexico, the Coulston Foundation, to their island homes at Save the Chimps in Florida.

A custom trailer was built, allowing us to bring ten chimpanzees at a time on the cross-country trip, each with a window allowing them to watch the sights along the way. After the 40-hour journey, our residents caught their first glimpse of the place they would call home for the rest of their lives.

Since their arrival, they have been able to live the peaceful and dignified retirement they deserve, with the freedom, companionship, and care that they need to thrive. As we watch Doc stride across his island, Rebel and Nigida grooming one another, or Rufus spend his afternoons in the sun surrounded by a loving family, we are grateful for the hard work, dedication, and support that it took to get them to exactly where they deserve to be — thank you for being part of this historic journey with us.