The Vetmobile is Complete

The chimpanzees at Save the Chimps live on 3-5 acre islands, each with a connected building for indoor housing, spread over 150 acres.  When considering the need for a veterinary clinic, our founder, Dr. Carole Noon, and our senior veterinarian, Dr. Jocelyn Bezner, envisioned a mobile vet clinic that could be driven to the chimps, eliminating the need to move a sick or injured chimp to a separate veterinary building.  A mobile clinic would be more economical, and most importantly, it would be better for the chimps–both the patient and family members.  Treatment could take place quickly and efficiently right outside the chimp’s island home, with chimp friends and family right nearby.  Recovery would take place not in an unfamiliar area, but back in the chimp’s home building, in the company of loved ones.

In the months prior to her passing, Dr. Noon procured a grant that allowed the veterinary team to purchase, refurbish, and stock a 27-foot RV with the most advanced medical equipment available. The New Mexico maintenance department, under the guidance of our vets, Dr. Bezner and Dr. Linda Gregard, renovated the former “toy hauler” into a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic for chimpanzees.  Upon completion, the mobile clinic was transported to Florida.


maintenance 005

Vetmobile Maintenance Staff

We are happy to report that the Save the Chimps Vetmobile is working exactly as planned, reducing the stress of both chimps and staff when a chimp requires medical treatment.  Another one of Dr. Noon’s dreams has been realized.

The arrival of the Vetmobile stirred up some local media interest.