11 nuts (3)(1)

The Chimps Still Need 1,300lbs 


Unsalted Peanuts!


Thanks to YOUR GENEROSITY we met our Gatorade challenge!!  In two months, because of YOUR SUPPORT, we received a years supply of Gatorade.
Thank you, thank you , thank you!!


Taking care of 262 chimps is a never-ending task and for that reason we are on to our next challenge…PEANUTS!


Can you help us collect a year’s supply of unsalted peanuts in shells?


(The total is 2,600 but thanks to your support, were already half way there!!!)


Peanuts are used in the chimps’ enrichment devices and dry browse (a mixture of seeds, cereal, & nuts that is spread over their 3 acre island) and they love foraging their island for these crunchy treats.


Peanuts are available for order at Nuts.com or Amazon or pick some up at your local grocery store.  All donations can be sent to:  Save the Chimps, 16891 Carole Noon Lane, Fort Pierce, FL 34945