How It Helped Save The Chimps

Save the Chimps is an organization dedicated to providing permanent sanctuary to exploited Chimps all throughout the country. Having been taken advantage of by research labs, the exotic pet trade, or the entertainment industry, we think chimps deserve to live their days in dignity and away from human communities. That’s why we’ve developed our animal sanctuary where chimps can live in their own communities under the care of our staff and volunteers.

Save the Chimps would not have been possible without the Animal Welfare Act. Passed in 1966 under the Johnson administration, this law created care and treatment standards for animals in the United States. The Animal Welfare Act was introduced to combat the abhorrent conditions animals faced in research labs, breeding operations, and entertainment venues. Before the Animal Welfare Act, there was little legal ground to stop the exploitation and abuse of these animals. While we often think of this legislation helping household pets, it also helped numerous exotic animals like Chimpanzees.

Through the Animal Welfare Act, Save the Chimps was able to sue a biomedical research lab and gained custody of 21 chimps. While not all of the chimps in our sanctuary were rescued under legal force, the Animal Welfare Act enforces regulations that helps animals all over the US.

Save the Chimps relies on generous support in order to maintain our sanctuary. You can symbolically adopt a chimp and ensure that they are fed, cared for, and their environment maintained. Read through our profiles and find out which chimp makes you smile. Alternatively, you can show your support by buying toys, food, and other necessary items for the chimps. Save The Chimps appreciates your contribution toward giving these chimps a great life. Learn more about our organization by visiting our website.