This past January we celebrated the 16th anniversary of the end of the Great Chimpanzee Migration. The migration feels like a lifetime ago—but so does January. It’s amazing how drastically all of our lives have changed in such a short time and how big our worries have grown.

And yet, there is hope that our circumstances will change and that we will soon be able to throw our doors open and embrace the world once again. But just like our chimpanzee cousins, we must remain patient on this journey and enjoy the view from our window, while we dream about the day when we can embrace one another again.

Each and every one of you has been our partner in this journey. For that we thank you and honor your generosity. If you haven’t yet given as part of our Board Match Challenge, please consider giving now. Your gift can make twice the difference.

Help us continue to protect our resident chimpanzees by giving today. Only gifts and pledges made by May 15th will be matched, you can make a real difference in the lives of our residents, won’t you please give now?